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Global issues in intervention development in contexts of political violence

July 13-16, 2016

Rome Global Gateway, Rome, Italy

Welcome to the conference webpage! Information for this summer’s meeting (July 13-16 in Rome, Italy) is still being regularly updated, so please check back for the most up-to-date schedules and information.

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!  Note: our conference can be found under the “July” section on this page.

Conference Description: Political violence is a serious and pressing issue for global mental health, especially in the Middle East and Europe, where refugee populations require a significant international response in terms of both basic needs and psychosocial care.  Assisting organizations and researchers in preparing to meet this demand in an evidence-based and rigorous way, incorporating regular program evaluations, is critical.   The goal of this conference is to bring together, researchers, practitioners and aid organizations together in fruitful discussions and analysis of current psychosocial care needs in hopes of synergistically determining new ways forward.  In particular, the conference is designed  around these three key goals:

  1. Discussing empirical questions related to health and well-being in the context of chronic violence (e.g., how do we understand resilience in the context of chronic trauma?)
  1. Conducting working groups on development of well-articulated, feasible and cost-effective intervention programming
  1. Identifying relevant intersections between attending organizations to provide collaborative opportunities and partnerships moving forward

Rome Conference Schedule


Special interest group (SIG) meetings are designed to give conference participants the opportunity to have more intensive discussions in a particular area of research. If you would like to propose a topic for one of our SIGs or you are interested in leading a SIG, please complete this form.

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Conference registration: Due to venue restrictions, we have limited space available. Registration fees will be $60 and will include all program materials, lunches, and coffee/snacks served at the meeting.  Our registration portal will be open in a few weeks, but in the meantime, please reach out to us at lmiller8@nd.edu to let us know of your interest.

Conference location: The conference meeting will be held at the University of Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway building, which is located at:

Via Ostilia 1500184 RomaItalia  (click for map)

Accommodations: Many excellent accommodations are located within the blocks surrounding the Rome Global Gateway building. In particular, we suggest staying at either Hotel Lancelot or Hotel Capo d’Africa (click links for hotel website and booking).

Conference organizers: Laura Miller-Graff & Mark Cummings

Conference support generously provided by: Notre Dame Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, Notre Dame Office of Research